7 outstanding symptoms of kidney failure

It is not a secret to anyone that human body is a complex organism and not all the functions it carries out is noticed and valued by us. Very often we underestimate the work of our inner organs just because we do not see it. The very same goes for our kidneys.

An average person may know where they are situated and what they do in general. But the real power these two small organs carry is valued only when we are about to lose it. Isn’t this correct? We are sure that in most cases it is.

The thing is that your kidney is the ones to keep your electrolytes, blood pressure and fluids under control. But they are also the ones to get caught by infection first and very often the disease does not clearly show itself until late stages. There is a sure way to determine kidney disease only if you are up for regular checkups at the hospital but something tells us that most people do not do that as often as they probably should.

We have considered all that and decided to share with you a share of information on what may be the signs of kidney disease that you should better pay attention to. Today we are going to list seven symptoms of kidney disease that you should in no case leave unattended.

#1 Fatigue

Fatigue can be a sign of various health conditions that is true. But sometimes it can be the sign that your kidneys are not working properly and you are developing kidney disease. The thing is that among other functions your kidneys transport oxygen to your cells, and if there is not enough of it, it leads to feeling tired all the time. What is more, your kidneys take part in the production of red blood cells when they do not work your body properly does not produce enough of those and that is anything but great.

#2 Itchiness

You can feel like scratching your skin off when you are allergic to something that is why you should eliminate allergy as a cause. If you are a 100% positive that you are not allergic to anything, but still you can’t stop scratching that means that there is a problem with your kidneys. The thing is that apart from all the other functions your kidneys take all the toxins out of your body, when they fail to do so all the toxins just build up close to the surface and that leads to itching.

#3 Fluid retention

As it has been mentioned before kidney tries to keep your fluids in balance once the kidney functions are disrupted it leads to imbalance and can cause water retention.

#4 Anemia

This one is one of the worst symptoms since it means that the kidney disease is progressing and you should better consult a doctor immediately.

#5 Back pain

Back pain can a sign of various issues and sometimes can be treated as a symptom of anything else but kidney disease. But if it is connected to your kidneys it means that there are kidney stones or a urinary infection and that it is something you should not underestimate. Very often when your back pain is connected with kidney disease, it comes together with some other symptoms such as difficulties with urination or burning sensations. You should take these symptoms seriously and seek medical help.

#6 Urine changes

Since our kidneys are strongly connected with our urinary system the easiest way to define if there is something wrong is to pay attention to your urine. If you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, notice a strange color or smell to your urine, as well as you can’t pee more than four times a day it is high time to visit your doctor.

#7 Bad breath

Last but not least, a foul breath can also be a sign of kidney disease. The thing is that if your kidneys are starting to fail all the toxins remain in your blood system and that results in bad breath. What is more, if it is the sign of kidney disease no oral hygiene can help you deal with it, and the best you can do is to go for a checkup.

As you can see any of these symptoms may seem not that serious to you at the time, but they can lead to far severe consequences. That is why if you notice any of these symptoms you should better go to a doctor straight away. What is even better is to get yourself a regular checkup and enjoy your healthy life!