7 Early Warning Signs Of Heart Attack You Shouldn’t Ignore

Caution: seven signs which announce a heart attack but are frequently ignored by most people!

Do not ignore these seven symptoms! Believe it or not, a heart attack will not come without warning. It will announce itself weeks and days before the actual impact happens.

People often ignore the symptoms because they do not consider them as very risky. Symptoms that precede a heart attack are different in men and women. As many as 95% of women who experienced a heart attack, had warning symptoms months and weeks before the heart attack.


If you have a limited flow of air into the chest during a night’s sleep, your heart is in danger. People who have breathing problems during their sleep and have breathing pauses for a few short moments are three times more likely to have a heart attack in the next five years.

Gums Problems

Visit your dentist if you have swollen, inflamed or bleeding gums. These symptoms can also be an early sign of having heart problems. Most people do not take proper care of their gums. Even if they are swollen or painful, most people think that the pain will just go away.

Some studies have shown the connection between bacteria that results from gingivitis and plaque and heart problems occurrence.

Swollen feet

In case your feet joints are too swollen, you probably have problem with fluid retention in the body, which can be an early sign of heart disease. It occurs when your heart does not pump strongly enough, and as a result of that, the blood does not purify the toxic elements from the tissues. This condition is called edema, and usually occurs in the feet, toes, arms and legs.

Irregular Heartbeats

Irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia, is a feeling when your heart beats too fast, pounding too hard or even skips a beat.

Pain In The Chest Or Shoulders

The commonest symptom of an unhealthy heart is angina pectoris. This type of chest pain is not the same as the sharp pain that occurs along with the heart attack. In fact, this one is a serious or deep chest pain and it is getting worse with every breath.

This pain is often misdiagnosed with heartburn or pain in the lower part of the abdomen. Anyway, it occurs due to the heart’s lack of blood because of the plaque and working under pressure. This condition can become worse by experiencing stress and also by exercising.


Wheezing can indicate several diseases as an early sign of heart or lung disease. Symptoms include problems with the chest and lungs, inability of inhaling deeply as well as shortness of breath.

Erectile Dysfunction

People with erectile dysfunction are more likely to suffer from heart problems. Arteries, in patients with heart diseases, become narrow and restrict blood flow to the genitalia.