Heart attacks have become very common according to numerous studies and these facts actually require serious attention. It is important that you know how to react in this kind of situation because you have only one minute to save the life. John Christopher, an herbalist, found that you will need cayenne pepper in order to increase the chances of surviving. Here are the instructions:

You should consume mix one teaspoon of cayenne pepper in glass of water, and give it to someone that is experiencing heart attack. Make sure that the person that is having heart attack is conscious when given this mixture. In case the person is unconscious you should put several drops of cayenne pepper under the tongue of the person.

This mixture is great for improvement of the blood circulation and the heart rate. Also you can use this mixture to stop blood due to the hemostatic effect the pepper has.

According to Dr. Schulz, cayenne pepper shouldn’t be mixed with chili peppers because they contain capsaicin. Here is how to prepare the mixture and what you need:


  1. Cayenne peppers – 3
  2. 50% alcohol (vodka)
  3. Glass bottle 1 quart
  4. Powder of cayenne pepper


You will need to use gloves on your hands and pour the powder in the bottle. Add alcohol in the bottle but enough only to cover the powder. On the side you should mix the peppers with alcohol by using mixer. You should get sauce mixture and fill the bottle with it. Now you will need to close the bottle and mix it again. Make sure that you shake the bottle several times per day, and keep the bottle in dark and cold place for 15 days. In case you want this mixture to be stronger you should keep it for 3 months.

If a person experiences a stroke or heart attack you should give maximum of 10 drops to this person. Once you give the person 10 drops you should wait for 5 minutes and give the person 5-10 drops. You should continue this process until the person starts to feel better. In case the person faints you should pour few drops under the tongue of the person and give him CPR.

Here are the main benefits of cayenne pepper

This is great ingredient that stimulates the gastric juices thus providing great support for the process of digestion. Also it contains great anticancer and antifungal properties. This mixture is highly recommended for people that have lung cancer, but also for smokers due to the capsaicin it contains. On the other hand it is great for treatment of flu, migraine, allergies, and arthritis.