5 Ways To Hamper And Prevent Development And Growth Of Cancer

Cancer is the most deadly disease on the planet, and it seems that finding the proper treatment is almost impossible. There are the conventional treatments like chemo and radiation which have been proven that they can do more damage than good. It is a fact that they can kill the cancer cells, but while doing so they also kill the healthy ones highly needed for the body. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the cancer will not come back.

Modern medicine is only treating the symptoms and does not go deeper in what is the real root of the occurrence of any particular disease. Finding the root of the problem will provide the patient full recovery.

Therefore, a new method needs to be implemented like the Functional Medicine Method.

The Functional Medicine Method and Cancer

Patients and physicians are being enabled by the contemporary medicine to achieve their highest health goals. The reason for this is not being able to determine the origin of the illness which is not the case with the functional medicine.

This technique of this medicine perceives the illness as a systemic issue, meaning it does not divide the body into organs, but sees it as a whole entity. The functional medicine does not go into learning what are the symptoms, causes or the disease itself but simply is more focused on the proper treatment.

For instance, two patients diagnosed with breast cancer can experience two completely different illnesses which will require two different treatments. Having the same name of the disease does not mean applying the same treatment as both patients are different individuals. Further on, if there are two persons fighting with cancers but in different parts of their bodies, there is a big chance that their cancer resulted from a same reason.

Contrary to this, two persons with cancer developed in the same body part could mean that the cancer resulted from completely different reasons.

Medical practice has shown that a patient with colon cancer and a patient with prostate cancer have more similarities than two other patients with colon cancer.

Make sure to keep your body healthy

Cancer can develop due to many reasons; it can result from unhealthy diet, not enough physical activity, genes, environmental toxins and psychological state of mind like negative feelings and thoughts.  There are five beneficial approaches that can inhibit further progression of cancer. So, if you are a person suffering from this disease, consider the here below listed approaches.

5 Ways to Hamper and Prevent Cancer Growth

1.Avoid sugar in your diet
The main reason for this is that cancer cells thrive on sugar and in addition to this it can lead to diabetes as well. According to statistics one American takes in approximately 70kg of sugar and a little bit less than 70kg of flour yearly.
Nowadays, cancer can be managed and kept under control provided that the level of insulin is regulated following a diet plan high in fiber and fresh food.

2.Reduce inflammation 
Inflammation can result to the occurrence of chronic diseases along with cancer. This can trigger insulin resistance, and even cause higher inflammation. You can lower the inflammation in the body if you remove sugar and gluten from your diet, and also make sure to take in anti-inflammatory foods such as foods high in omega-3, i.e. flaxseeds and wild fish.

3.Eliminate food sensitivities
American Medical Association Journal released a research proving that there is a hidden gluten sensitivity that elevates the risk of death up to 75%, which can lead to cancer and heart disease.
Have in mind that the main reason of food allergy is gluten and dairy, and that they are associated to resistance to insulin. Therefore, eliminate them from your diet so that you can heal the inflamed gut and body in general.

4.Avoid exposure to toxins
Even though toxins are everywhere we need to try to find a way to exclude them from our lives as they can cause great damage to the overall body, in fact it can harm the nervous system, increase the risk of cancer, and cause issues with weight. Moreover, it was revealed that 287 chemicals are present in the umbilical cord blood of the average newborn, and 217 of them are neurotoxic.

5.Enhance your gut health
Strong gut health is very important for the heath of the body as many cancers like colon cancer, come from the gut. As a result of this there are many researches on gut micro-biome, prostate and breast cancers, and for that reason it is recommended to avoid the use of inflammatory foods, or take pre-biotic, pro-biotic, and many phytonutrients, such as the active compound of turmeric, curcumin, or the resveratrol present in grapes, and in that way you can lower the gut inflammation.

Make sure your thoughts go in the right direction as everything influences our genes, what we eat, how we lead our life, the level of stress, the relationships we have, exercising and so on. We need to enhance our immunity so that we can fight cancer, we need to learn how to manage our stress, to work out on regular basis, have a good night sleep, and so on.

Always have a positive state of mind and do not get intimidated by the disease as there are many cancer treatments that are efficient and very helpful like the Functional Medicine Treatment which gives hope in the prevention and treatment of this horrible disease.