5 Warning Signs of a Mold Illness

Mold. It’s a silent, sneaky offender: a problem in most homes without making much of a noise until it actually becomes a health hazard. In fact, that fungi hiding in the moist environments of your home might be the reason you’ve been feeling sick. When exposed to water-damaged buildings (WDB), you inhale tiny mold spores into your lungs. This intake of mold could lead to mold illness, an inflammation within the body caused by an aggravated immune system. Unlike a common allergy, it’s a serious condition that can result in serious health consequences if not treated properly. Here’s a list of five warning signs that may indicate a mold illness, and not just an allergy.

Unexplained muscle pain
Muscle pain that isn’t caused by any activity, in particular, is one of the hallmark signs of a mold illness. These pains might manifest as cramps or pin-pricks and could be experienced in any part of the body.

Brain fog, memory problems or difficulty focusing
If you’ve been dealing with mental fogginess or trouble focusing, you might be exhibiting signs of a mold illness. Frequent headaches, especially if you don’t suffer from headaches regularly, are considered another red flag.

Numbness or “pins and needles”
Another sensation experienced by individuals with mold illness is numbness, followed by “pins and needles” or “ice-pick pain.” This feeling might hit those areas of the body where you are also experiencing muscular cramps.

Digestive issues
Individuals suffering from mold illness often exhibit signs in their digestive health: Some common symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain and a lack of appetite.

Breathing problems
Mold illness could lead to serious respiratory complications; in fact, one of the most common signs of the condition is difficulty breathing. You could feel unable to inhale deeply, have a constant cough, or experience wheezing or sinus problems. To prevent any long-term complications, contact your health professional as soon as possible if you experience a combination of these symptoms.