5 Most Popular Nutritional Supplements For Better Health

There is a huge number of pharmaceutical and natural supplements people “swallow” to improve their health. In U.S. and Europe you can buy more than 6,000 natural supplements and according to local research fish oil, multivitamin, vitamin D, calcium and antioxidant “Coenzyme Q10” antioxidant are five most frequently consumed and popular supplements.

1. Fish oil

Incredible 76% of respondents are using fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acids regularly. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effect, proved to be beneficial to human health because help against cardiovascular disease and arthritis and even reduce the risk of cancer. Medical research shows that there is a lot of evidence for many positive effects of omega-3 fatty acids and almost no negative consequences.


According to study conducted in 2010, 70% of the respondents consumed multivitamins everyday (for comparison: in 2008 – 74%). Multivitamins are always useful and can not cause any side effects. The only thing you need is select mutlivitamins proper for your age and s*x.

3. Vitamin D

More than 56% of the respondents are regularly consuming vitamin D (for comparison: in 2009 – 48% and in 2008 – 37%) and women are using it more than men. This vitamin is essential not only for easier absorption of calcium, but also helps in the prevention of cancer, particularly breast, colon and ovary cancer.

In addition, it is proven that Vitamin D helps regulating the immune system, reducing the risk of diabetes, even against depression. If you consume multivitamins, the required daily intake of vitamin D is included in the dose you take and for proper function of this vitamin we need 15 minutes of sun exposure every day.

4. Calcium

Calcium consumption is growing: it is consumed by 55% of respondents and most of them are women. Strengthens bones and reduces risk of osteoporosis.

Medical research shows that calcium also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and helps with normal blood pressure, against sharply weakening even in prevention of colon cancer. 25-45% of the daily required dose of calcium can be provided by consuming low-fat dairy products and vegetable.

5. Coenzyme Q10

“Coenzyme Q10″, also known as “CoQ10″ is used by 55% of respondents and most of them are men. It is created naturally in the human body (heart, liver, pancreas and kidneys) and is considered to be important for improving energy production in cells, especially for normal heart function. It has been proven that “CoQ10″ is heart-healthy and useful in preventing high blood pressure.