43 Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia: Anyone With Muscle Pain Should Read This

If you did not know this is a chronic disease that usually affects the muscular and joint part of the body.

3 to 5 million people suffer this diagnosis per year, but the problem is that it is so difficult to know if you really have fibromyalgia.
That doctors to identify symptoms require many medical studies and that the patient has at least 3 months with uninterrupted ailments.

These measures have been taken because the signs of the condition can be confused with other conditions.

There is no test that manages to diagnose fibromyalgia 100%, that is why it is necessary to perform all the necessary medical studies, in fact, the process is as rigorous as the procedure to know if a man is or is not sterile.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia you should know

The exams are rigorous and necessary to rule out other diagnoses. Doctors recommend that patients undergo the following tests to know exactly if it is Fibromyalgia or another disease.

-Complete hematology
-Antinuclear antibody
-Globular sedimentation rate
-Thyroid tests
-Rheumatoid factor

In the case that all these tests are negative, you will have to verify that you have the following symptoms and, if they are present in your organism, you do have Fibromyalgia.

-Problems in the reproductive system
-Sexual impotence
-Various menstrual problems
-Loss of libido
-Aesthetic complaints
-Hair loss
-Nails that are battered and that fall sporadically
-Bruises and scars that appear for no reason.

General symptoms

-Anxiety, panic attacks, depression
-Continuous irritability, sudden changes in mood
-Sweat and hot flashes
-Hereditary diseases
-Impaired mental health
-Burning in the extremities
-Cognitive ills
-Stomach, digestive and metabolic diseases
-Difficulty in pronouncing some words
-Problems to recognize the members of your family
-Coordination and faulty balance
-Difficulty remembering recent events, lack of concentration,
-achromatopsia symptoms
-Visual confusions
-Malestars and sleep disorders
-Feeling of falling when you sleep
-Stretching of the muscles in full night rest
-Get up every so often at night, trouble falling asleep, etc.
-Grinding and squeezing too much teeth
-Extreme sensitivity
-Not being able to withstand natural or artificial light, especially at night
-Sensitivity to odors, temperatures, noise, climate and pressure
-Heart diseases
-Cardiac arrhythmias
-Malestars similar to heart attacks
-Thick and constant mucus
-Allergy in cold climates to mold and yeast
-Secretion and nasal drips
-Abdominal and pelvic inflammation
-Deteriorated valve
-Prolonged allergies
-Itching and pain in the ears
-Annoying noises in the ear
-Urinate many times a day
-Increase and decrease in weight in a few periods of time
-Cravings for foods with too much sugar and fat

Natural treatments for fibromyalgia

While it may be extremely difficult to try to alleviate the bodily pain that is experienced with this disease, some home remedies can be of much help, for example, chamomile infusions, baths with thyme plants, rosemary or lavender and soaking feet with apple cider vinegar.