Many people have the wrong opinion in regards to heart attacks. People tend to think it happens as it is on the Hollywood movies where you begin to feel the pain in the chests.

On the contrary, 25% of heart attacks actually happen without any symptoms. None of the signs actually warn you about such occurrence. In fact, this health condition might be deadly especially if you delay the treatment and medical attention.

One of the leading American cardiologists, Dr. Chauncey Crandall, has been working for many years on preventing, minimizing and solving cardiovascular problems. During this period of time he came to conclusion that the heart in fact gives you signs couple of minutes before, or days and perhaps weeks before the heart attack. Here are some of the signs he found:

Problems with swelling of the feet and ankles can actually be a serious sign of heart attack warning even though people think it is related to standing too long. Heart attacks actually can trigger accumulation of fluids in the body, and as a result of that it might lead to swelling especially in the legs and abdominal areas. There are cases where people retain fluids and begin to gain weights without knowing it is serious sign of heart attack. Once this occurs people tend to lose their appetite and hunger.

People with sings of heart attack might chough bloody phlegm, and others might have only nagging or wheezing coughs. This is also serious sign of heart failure and it is result of buildup of fluids in the lungs. You should not ignore this sign and seek immediate medical attention.

Pain in the different body parts
Most of the time heart attacks cause pain in the chest, but it might actually spread across the shoulders, elbows, arms, jaw, back and abdominal areas. You may not feel any chest pain at all, but pain in other parts of the body could be a sign of heart failure. Also common sign is the pain between your shoulders and both arms. You might feel this pain for a while and it might go away, so you need to make sure you seek medical attention before it is too late.

Before heart attack you might feel sudden impending doom or anxiety. It is important to know these symptoms because people with anxiety attacks tend to ignore the condition even though they might put your life at danger. Simply it is better to seek immediate attention if such condition occurs.

Here are some of the common signs of heart attack, whereas above were the hidden signs.

  • Cold sweat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain

Remember that you should never ignore these symptoms and do not expect them to go away. Instead you should seek immediate medication attention because you might have less than 10 minutes time left. Meanwhile you can take aspirin until you get the proper medical attention, unless you are not allergic to it.