3 Amazing Cancer Fighting Tips

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The word cancer is often used to describe malignant tumors because tumors spread similarly to the way cancer moves. Malignant tumor cells move through the body, and they start growing after they reach the target.

In addition to this, malignant tumors grow much faster than benign. This is the main reason why cancer is called “the plague of 21st century.”

Etiology of Cancer
According to the German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg, cancer is a result of anti-physiological power and anti-physiological lifestyle. The combination of a anti-physiological diet and physical inactivity forces the body create acidic environment. Acidity in cells lowers oxygen level.

The lack of oxygen in cells creates acidic environment. He said: “The reduction of oxygen and acidity are two sides of a same medallion: if you have one, you must have the other.”

This means that if someone experiences a condition of excessive acidity, that person would automatically have a lack of oxygen in the organism. The lack of oxygen creates acids in the organism.

He also said: ” Acid substances reject oxygen, unlike base, which attract oxygen.” So, acidic environment contains no oxygen. All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without it.

Tumor tissues are acidic and healthy tissues are alkaline. In his book “The metabolism of tumors”, Otto described how all cancer types are characterized by two fundamental conditions: blood acidity and hypoxia.

According to him, tumor cells are anaerobic (do not breathe in oxygen) and can not survive in the presence of high oxygen concentrations. Glucose and oxygen-free environment are enough for tumor cells to survive.

Thus, cancer is nothing but a defense mechanism some body cells have in order to survive in an acidic oxygen-free environment.

Step 1 : Consume alkaline food products
Depending on the quality of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, food ensures and creates conditions of acidity or alkalinity in the body.

It is important to know how acidic or alkaline food products affect health because cells require pH right above 7 in order to function properly.

Food and products responsible for acidic environment in the body: refined sugar and all its derivatives, animal products ( milk and cheese ), refined salt, refined flour and all its derivatives (pasta, cakes, cookies … ), bread, margarine, caffeine (coffee, black tea, chocolate), alcohol, cigarettes, any cooked (boiled) food (cooking destroys oxygen and increases acidity of food), industrial processed food in cans, which contain preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers etc.

Modern lifestyle is the reason why we eat this food at least three times a day, 365 days a year and all these food products are anti — physiological.

Water is important for the production of oxygen. It is advisable to drink at least 8 cups of water every day, but do not overdo it. Do not consume too much salt. Use the smallest amount possible.

Advice for healthy people: Practise 60 % alkaline diet. Avoid products that are predominantly acidic (fizzy industry drinks, refined sugar, and all sweeteners).

Advice for people with special health condition: Your ideal diet should be 80 % alkaline and avoid any harmful products. If you have cancer, you are advised to alkalize the body as much as you can.

Step 2 : Exercise
Exercising provides oxygen. Sitting harms your body!

Step 3 : Try applying the following recipe
Consume the following tea mixture to protect healthy organism of developing tumors:

Marigold flower — 60 g
Yarrow (overground part) — 20g
Nettle leaf — 20 g
Preparation and use:
Cover a tablespoon of tea mixture with 250 ml boiling water, and after half an hour strain the liquid. Drink a cup of tea every day (in small sips).