20 Cancer Signs All Women Ignore

Yes, routine checks are good all the time, but there is more than just this. You also have to notice strange body signs, changes and things. Here is the list:

1. Cough and wheezing – lung cancer

2. Chest pain and coughs– might be leukemia or similar to bronchitis. Also chest pain may extend to the shoulder and down the arm.

3. Infections and fever– these might be leukemia because the blood cells are in the marrow and affected. Also leukemia makes the marrow make sick blood cells that impair the immunity.

4. Hard time swallowing– troubles in this means esophagus cancer or lung cancer.
Swelling in lymph nodes and armpits or groin and neck– this might be lymph system cancer.

5. Unusual bruises and bleeding– this means the red blood cells and platelets are damaged and might be leukemia. Also this overpasses red blood cells and removes oxygen flow.

6. Fatigue and weakness– this may be several things. See other signs along this, it might be some cancer. And talk with your doctor.

7. Belly weight and bloating– women with ovary cancer have this issue.

8. Less appetite and satiety– another signal for ovary cancer.

9. Belly pain and pelvic pain– this means ovary cancer, leukemia or large spleen.

10. Bloody rectum and stool– this is colorectal cancer and you must get a colonoscopy.

11. Strange weight loss– this might be digestion tract cancer or colon cancer. The cancer by now is in the liver and appetite is changes, so you do not regulate bowels and waste.

12. Upset belly– cramps might be colorectal cancer.

13. Sore, swollen and red breasts– breast cancer.

14. Nipple changes– breast cancer too. If they are inverted, sideways or flat, check them well.

15. Heavy periods, pain and bleeding between periods– this might be uterus cancer and might need ultrasound vaginal check up.

16. Swollen face– those with lung cancer had puffy faces. This is basically small tumors that block the blood flow from the chest to the face.

17. Crusty sores and sore skins– this is skin cancer and might be basic cell carcinoma, melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, but also check the nails with the skin together.

18. Nail changes– these mean lung cancer if the tip is over the fingernail or even skin cancer if there are black stripes along the nail. If the nails are pale and white, this is liver cancer.

19. /20. Right side pain and lower back pain– this might be liver cancer. Also breast cancer makes this issue since the positioning is this way and presses the tumor in the chest along the ribs.