114 Year-Old-Man Revealed His Secret: 5 Foods For Long Life

How to Live Longer Using Bernard LaPallo’s Lifestyle Tips
Bernard LaPallo is a man who accomplished something many of us can only dream of – he lived a happy, fulfilling, and healthy life well into his second century. LaPallo was born in 1901 in Victoria, Brazil and migrated to the United States as a little boy (1). He lived a very full life and his thirst for knowledge led him to have four careers over the span of his lifetime, which lasted a total of 114 years (1).

LaPallo started out as a 5 star chef in the 1920’s, ran a successful massage practice for 20 years after obtaining his license at the age of 71, and then became an author and lecturer in the later years of his life (1). He also graduated from New York University for reflexology and podiatry at age 73 and delved into the study of herbology with Dr. Richard Schulze of the American Botanical Pharmacy (1). LaPallo gained fame after being recognized as the oldest living Yankee fan when appearing at the stadium, but it is his lifestyle that inspired thousands and kept him in the international spotlight (1).

How to Live Longer – 5 Foods to Eat
LaPallo was wholly dedicated to his daily health regimen and was best known for his catch phrase, “Keep your liver and colon clean” (1). He was very strict with his regimen and ate the same thing every day (2). LaPollo incorporated 5 key foods into his diet that he attributed to his longevity (3).

The 5 foods LaPallo credited for his good health and long life were cinnamon, garlic, chocolate, olive oil, and honey (3). Cinnamon, honey, and chocolate all have beneficial antioxidant properties that boost your overall health (3,4). Garlic is a highly nutritious, low calorie food that can reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease (5). Last but not least, olive oil is rich in healthy fats, which contribute to brain and heart health (3,6).

Foods to Avoid & Other Tips For Staying Healthy
There were also certain foods LaPallo avoided at all cost, some of which included hot dogs, red meats, and French fries. Consumption of red and processed meats, like hot dogs, has been linked to an increased risk of cancer (7). French fries are extremely high in fat, calories, and salt and can pose serious health risks if consumed regularly (8).

Other healthy lifestyle choices LaPallo made were eating organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, soups, and salads to keep him in tip top shape (9). He regularly exercised his both his mind and body by doing crossword puzzles, reading, and walking every morning, which facilitated a graceful ageing process (9).

LaPallo’s regimented lifestyle, especially when it came to food, was ultimately what allowed him to live such a long, healthy life. He strongly believed in the saying “you are what you eat” and reaped the benefits of eating well throughout his life .