11 Physical Signs Showing You Are Too Stressed

A bit of stress is not entirely detrimental and can serve as a motivator to try hard and to achieve your goals under pressure. However, if you are overstressed, you my experience serious mental and physical health problems.

Chronic stress may cause numerous health ailments. In fact, the stress may weaken your immune system, lead to hypertension, accelerated aging, depression, anxiety, and cause problems with the digestive and reproductive systems. Namely, chronic stress ahs side effects on almost every body system. In order to protect yourself and to avoid additional health complication, you should be able to recognize the signs of being overstressed.

1. Fatigue
Chronic stress causes tension and pressure in the organism. If you are under stress most of the time, you may experience fatigue. Namely, stress leads to physical and mental stress. This mental and physical fatigue cannot be overcomes with sleep.

2. Headaches
Headaches are usually caused by stress. They are usually manifested with mild, moderate or very intensive pain, primarily in the head, behind the eyes, and the neck. Stress can also cause other types of headaches, like migraines.

3. Weight gain
Chronic stress is usually the main cause of weight gain. The increased cortisol levels in the body occur as a result of stress, which in turn raises the appetite and makes a person seek for fast food. Losing weight can also occur as a result of stress.

4. Pain in the chest
Chronic stress causes anxiety, and vice versa, anxiety leads to stress. It is a vicious cycle that has side effects on the overall health. If you are overstressed, you may experience pain and tightness in the chest. Heart attacks and heart diseases are caused by chronic stress, too.

5. Problems with the digestive system
The nervous system is related to the gut, which means that mental stress may have side effects on the digestive system. Chronic stress may lead to nausea, cramps, indigestion and stomach pain. It may also lead to more severe health issues, such as: irritable bowel syndrome.

6. Constant infections and colds
If you are constantly feeling ill, you may be overstressed. According to the numerous studies, stress weakens the immune system. In fact, the physicals state and the mental state are clearly linked. If you are too stressed, you may experience constant infections and clods.

7. Low libido
Both women and men, who are overstressed, may experience low libido. Namely, stress has side effects on the chemicals in the brain, which are responsible for boosting up s*x. When the stress level increases, the secretion of stress hormone which is responsible for s*xual response gets affected. So, stress leads to inability to experience intimacy. Therefore, women may face up with ovulation problems, whereas men may face up with reduced sperm count as a result of stress.

8. You cannot sleep well
If you notice any changes in the sleep pattern, like insomnia, or sleeping a lot due to exhaustion, you should consult a doctor. Health issues can be overcome with balanced diet, regular exercise and meditation. However, you have to find out the cause of the problem. In fact, stress hinders the peaceful state of the mind. In addition, environmental factor and age also affect the sleep patterns.

9. You are impatient with other people
One of the first signs of being overstressed is the inability to put up with other people. If you get angry for everything, it is likely that you are under great stress.

10. You are moodier than usual
When we are overstress, our mental health is affected. If you are happy in a moment and later you are sad, you experience hormonal imbalance due to stress. Try to talk to other people and find a solution to your problems.

Stress does not only affect the body, but it also compromises relationships. In addition, stress may cause anxiety disorder, drug, s*x or alcohol additions, compulsive disorder and other health issues.

11. Hair loss
Carolyn Jacob, a medical director of Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology in Chicago, stated that people usually shed 100 hairs per day. What is worse is the fact that people are not aware of it. Increased stress levels may change the physiological function and cause hair loss. Namely, the psychological stress may hinder the normal hair cycle.

• Get moving
Boost up your mood by doing regular exercises. Workout will help you to forget about negative thoughts that cause stress. Rhythmic exercises, like walking, dancing or running and especially effective if you do them mindfully.

• Connect to other people
Face-to-face communications stimulate hormones that sooth stress when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Spend more time with your friends and build up satisfying relationships, as they will help you to calm and relieve the nervous system.

• Learn how to calm down
You cannot thoroughly get rid of stress, but you can control how much it affects your life. Relaxation exercises, such as: meditation, yoga, deep breathing will help you to calm down.

Engage your senses
Engaging your senses – taste, sound, sight, smell, and touch – is an excellent way to sooth stress. They aim is to find out which sensory input is able to work on you. Maybe listening to music? Or smelling coffee?

• Healthy diet
The food that you consume may affect your mood and your ability to handle with stress. Consuming processed or fast food, carbohydrates, sugar snacks may worsen the signs of stress, whereas consuming healthy diet loaded with vegetables and fruit, proteins, healthy fats, like omega-3 fats can help you to cope with stress easily.

• Get rest
Feeling exhausted may increase your stress levels. In addition, chronic stress may hinder your sleep patterns. If you are not able to sleep at night, there are numerous ways to enhance your sleep and to overcome stress.

Nowadays, the management of mental stress is an essential skill that everyone should posses, as stress has become rampant. To improve your health and to prevent serious health issues, try the get rid of the causes of stress. In addition, take up a new hobby or sort that you enjoy doing and focus on the positive things and peacefulness in life.