10 unusual ways to clean body from toxins and shine with health

The world that we live in is full of toxins and toxic substances. The fact is that this is not very good, because we are very vulnerable to the impact of these substances. We eat food that is full of chemical toxins, we breathe air, which is also full of toxins, and we use gadgets that release bad chemical substances such as pesticides, mercury, and uranium. Unfortunately, all these factors contribute to a poor impact on our health.

What can you do in this case? How can you stay healthy? The best solution for cleansing the body of all harmful toxins and chemicals is detoxification. Detoxifying your body, you help it to cleanse itself of harmful substances, and also prevent many diseases. We want you to be healthy and do not put your health at risk, so we have prepared a list of 10 unusual ways to clean body from toxins. So, read and take notes!

#1. You should drink red wine

Strange as it sounds, but this alcoholic drink can help you cleanse the body of toxins. Many studies have shown that one glass of red wine a day can improve your cholesterol level and even fight urinary tract infections.

#2. You should use activated charcoal

Most of you know that activated charcoal is burned wood, debris, or even coconut shells. This substance has no oxygen, and because of this, it is very absorbing. Activated charcoal can remove toxins, heavy metals, and poisons from your body. You should take a pill before eating or drinking alcohol.

#3. You should drink plenty of water

Water is the key to good health. Water helps wash away bad substances from your body, the more you drink, the faster the toxins come out of your body through the urinary tract. You can try this recipe for cleansing: add 2 tbsp of organic apple vinegar to one gallon of water and shake it. Drink it daily in the morning.

#4. You should avoid refined sugars

All refined sugars and artificial sweeteners are the culprits for your body because they cause the body to block its natural metabolism and build up too much glucose in the blood. Consuming these bad substances, you can gain weight, as well as the risk of getting diabetes and heart diseases. You should replace refined sugars and artificial sweeteners with organic brown sugar, maple syrup, and other healthy sweeteners.

#5. You should eat organic

Organic vegetables, fruits, and meat are friends for your body because they do not contain toxins such as pesticides or antibiotics. Consuming organic foods, you will improve your metabolism and help your digestive system work better to remove toxins and chemical substances from your body.

#6. You should clear the air from toxins

Most of you know that our air is very heavily polluted by toxins and toxic substances. They can also easily enter your house through open windows. In this case, you should clear the air from toxins, get an air purifier, and it will do its job. Do not forget about frequent house cleaning.

#7. You should have green tea in the morning instead of coffee

The fact is, coffee contains cafestol, a diterpenoid molecule that can increase cholesterol levels. So, you should avoid the build-up of the bad cholesterol, and replace morning coffee with green tea or herbal teas.

#8. You should try fasting from time to time

We all love to eat, however, most of what we eat consists of processed foods and refined sugars. That is why you should try fasting for a day or two, which can help you cleanse the body from harmful substances and toxins. In addition, you will accustom your body to a healthier meal, reducing your appetite.

#9. You should go to the sauna or exercise

You should know that sweating is a natural way of cleaning the body from toxins. So, the more you sweat, the more toxins come out of your body. For the perfect sweating, you should go to the sauna. What’s more, exercise is also a great way to sweat. Choose the right workout for you and move on. Do not forget to take a shower afterward to clean your skin from all the sweat.

#10. You should consume probiotics or probiotic foods

Using probiotics, you will facilitate the work of the stomach and intestines. And when your digestive system works well, it means that it effectively fights toxins and harmful substances. Pay attention to kefir or plain yogurt, and consume them at least once a day and your digestive system will thank you.

Source: https://betterme.guru