There is nowadays more than one life-threatening illness that can end the victim’s day without taking into account either his age or s*x, and for women, some diseases are particularly fatal, as this is the case with ovarian cancer if not detected in time.

What makes this disease particularly dangerous is not so much the number of victims it carries with it, because it is much rarer than others, but it is rather the fact that its symptoms are not very visible and that there is currently no test for accurate detection of ovarian cancer at an early stage, so that it is usually only diagnosed at an advanced stage, at a time when chances of survival of the patient are already tiny.

While breast cancer, after 5 years of development of the disease, has a survival rate of 90%, that of the ovary, in the presence of 3 times less, has a rate of only 30% which leads to a prognosis catastrophic 3500 deaths a year.

A list of all signs that may be symptoms of this plague

As it is a disease that is particularly unobtrusive during its early stages of development, this unscrupulous killer can safely hide behind seemingly mundane gaits.

  • If you often have back pain and do not have osteoporosis, this could be one of the signs of ovarian cancer.
  • Pains in the stomach or pelvis should not be overlooked and should be reported to the doctor.
  • The rules, although often subject to stigma in societies around the world, can be a very good indicator on many aspects of your health. A recent study has shown that ovarian cancer is more common in women over 55 years of age. Nevertheless, there are also scattered cases of ovarian cancer in girls who have not yet had their first menstrual cycle.
  • The pace of modern frantic life usually has the recurring consequence of fatigue. Still, if you are often prey to nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath or a feeling of permanent and unexplained fatigue, this can be alarming. About 80% of ovarian cancer cases diagnosed are affected by some, or all, of these symptoms.
  • You think that constantly feeling that your belly is full, is necessarily a sign of a digestive problem, but sometimes, this feeling can hide much more than that and indicate ovarian cancer.
  • Pain during s*x: According to Medical News Today, pains during the act are a very important indicator of the disease. Not to mention pain during urination or feeling of pressure at the pelvis that can reveal the same thing.
  • Vomiting: According to Dr. Jeffrey Sterne, a famous American gynecologist, ovarian cancer often causes constipation. And if it is accompanied by vomiting, it is obligatory to consult.
  • A sign not always revealing but is still noteworthy: the excessive growth of hair a little too dark, there is also the brutal and radical hair loss.
  • Ovarian cancer has a direct impact on the digestive system as well as the stomach, this impact is stronger during the early stages of the disease. Moreover, in case of ovarian cancer, when you feel pain in the stomach, other symptoms may appear: digestive problems, loss of appetite and gas.

So ladies and damsels, while waiting for science to help us find a more effective means of screening for ovarian cancer, take care of yourself and, above all, give these signs the attention they deserve!