10 Signs you’re Smarter

We, as humans, believe that each and every one of us has a certain unique level of intelligence, but sadly we are not aware of our full brain power. Often, people take IQ tests, such as pattern recognition, short-term memory, analytical thinking and mathematical ability tests to measure our own intelligence, but not everything can be proven by a simple test. Possessing a great amount of knowledge about a particular area, doesn’t automatically make you a genius, it often comes down to what you’re interested in, or how our brain works.

As previously mentioned, higher intelligence cannot be determined only by tests. Here are 10 signs that indicate high intelligence:

1. Insatiable curiosity
Studies have shown that people, who have a keen interest and understanding in more areas than one, usually have higher intelligence. Curiosity represents a thirst for the unknown, a craving to know and gather more information.

2. A tendency to forget
Surprisingly, people who often forget stuff, like walking into a room and forgetting why, etc. can be an indicator of a higher intelligence. The brain works in a way that by discarding similar memories, we create space for new ones, a study shows, by Brice Kuhl, a scientist from Stanford University.

3. Humor
A research conducted at the University of New Mexico in 2011 asked subjects to write captions on certain cartoons. Participants who created funnier captions scored higher points on cognitive ability tests, thus indicating a link to higher intelligence.

4. Being messy
Throughout history, a plethora of intelligent people had messy desks. Studies have shown that having a messy desk
does have a connection to higher intelligence, indicating on the fact that chaos can indeed fuel creativity.

5. Talking to yourself
Talking to your self can be seen as a mental disorder; however, it actually is an indication of a higher intelligence. By doing this, one can improve their brain functions, help organize things. Go ahead and talk to yourself in the mirror.

6. Tendency to worry
According to one scientific study people who worry more may be more intelligent than the others.

7. Embracing mental challenges
Testing your knowledge, either by taking tests or participating in debates. High intelligent people often participate in debates, don’t mind when they’re wrong and always think outside of the box. Constantly pushing your limits and challenging your brain is healthy, and is definitely a sign of higher intelligence.

8. Not having to try hard / being lazy
Being smarter doesn’t mean you work all the time. Sometimes you just can’t or don’t want to do any work. Scientists link this characteristic to higher intelligence, simply because smarter people will find an easier way to do something, showing that indeed they have high intelligence.

9. Enjoying reading
Studies have shown that children that can proficiently read by the age of 7 are typically smarter than others. Reading represents a great tool for pushing ones mental limit, clearly indicating that a person who loves to read, simple is smarter.

10. Staying up late
A study was conducted to see whether “night owls” or “early birds” were smarter. Turns out that people who stay up late, are generally smarter. Their creativity skyrockets during the night. This is also associated with an independent spirit.