10 Natural Remedies In Your Kitchen

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Most of us are use to grab a pill after the first cold or pain symptom. Some even keep thousands of pills, creams and healing liquids in their homes. But before you jump to your little private pharmacy, nature can help you solve your problem.

The interest of people in natural cures found in kitchen grows constantly, because this kind of cures can be an excellent change for artificial cures and it can help you with various health problems, without causing any side effects. Let The Kitchen Be Your Pharmacy !

Mosquito Bite Remedy

To relieve the unpleasant and boring itchy feeling mosquito bite causes, take an overripe banana and place a piece of its peel over the mosquito bite. Banana peel helps in treating any insect bite.

Remedy For Eczema

Apply some olive oil on irritated skin. In this way you will make a layer that will prevent skin from drying. If eczema is more serious, wrap skin in nylon paper after you have covered it with olive oil and keep it throughout the night.

Natural Remedy For Urinary Tract Infection

To relieve pain of urinary infection as cystitis, mix 1/4 tsp of baking soda and 250 ml water and drink this mixture. Do this every time you notice the first signs of the infection and prepare this beverage once a day until you notice any improvement or until you start taking antibiotics.

Drinking blueberry juice can also help, because it contains substances capable of stopping Escherichia coli, bacteria responsible for causing cystitis. Homemade blueberry juice is much better than the blueberry juice you buy in stores.