10 home remedies for itchy skin

Summer is here, and out come the bugs and insects, leaving itchy bug bites behind. Poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac leaf out, and many people end up with rashes from them. Sunburns happen and dry, itchy skin results.

Are you just destined to spend the rest of the summer scratching away? Is there something you can do at home to relieve the constant itch? Check out the 10 home remedies below for itchy skin.

1. Oatmeal.  According to Prevention, oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties. To make a great oatmeal bath, grind 2 cups of uncooked oatmeal and mix it with 1/4 cup of baking soda. Mix the two together. Add 1 cup of this mixture to warm bathwater and soak. You can also mix some of it with water to create a paste to smear on your bug bites or rash.

2. Baking soda. Great for taking the itch out of bug bites, combine 1 teaspoon baking soda with 1 teaspoon water to create a paste. Prevention recommends smearing the paste on particularly bothersome bug bites.

3. Coconut oil. For eczema sufferers, extra virgin coconut oil has lauric acid that Prevention says is good for fighting eczema. Not only does it soothe going on, it also helps fight the eczema as well.

4. Aloe vera. One of nature’s wonders, aloe vera helps heal many different ailments. Healthline recommends putting some on bug bites or sunburns for relief.

5. Moisturizers. For sufferers of extreme dry skin, using a quality moisturizing cream is important. Healthline recommends Cetaphil and Eucerin for those who suffer from dry skin.

6. Calamine lotion. A classic stand-by, the Mayo Clinic recommends calamine lotions for treating mosquito bites and rashes caused by poison ivy, oak or sumac. It can be purchased at any over-the-counter drug store.

7. Antihistamines. If the itching gets to be too bad, according to Healthline, taking an oral antihistamine is always an option. Benadryl also comes in a liquid stick for topical use.

8. Hydrocortisone cream. Another topical treatment that’s available over-the-counter, is hydrocortisone. Healthline points out that hydrocortisone blocks your body’s inflammatory responses and calms itchy skin.

9. Ice. Another suggestion from the Mayo Clinic is to simply apply crushed ice.

10. Don’t scratch. Even though a rash or bug bites itch, don’t scratch! Healthline points out that scratching never solves the problem and can even create new ones.

When itchy skin plagues you this summer, try one of the remedies above for relief. You may find that solving the problem of an itch is easier than you thought.