10 Hidden Ways Foot Massage Can Help You Treat the Most Common Health Problems

After a long day of working, trust a good a foot massage as a great way to unwind. Foot massages aren’t just a way to show them love but it also has many health benefits that not many people know about.

It lowers the blood pressure
High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack very easily. For lowering your blood, it takes quite a few lifestyle changes and medication.

However bit just a simple feet massage it can help your blood pressure.

It helps deal with symptoms of PMS and menopause
It is very true that a daily foot massages can help with the annoying symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause such as tension, insomnia, headaches, and mood swings.

Just massage the point in the arch of the inside of the foot, a thumb-width from the ball of the foot.

It Alleviates cancer symptoms and side effects of chemotherapy
In a study spearheaded by scientists from Michigan State University, it was found that foot massages helped cancer patients find relief from pain and nausea and as well from other symptoms associated with the treatment like shortness of breath and low energy levels.

It helps with coping with symptoms of multiple sclerosis
People suffering from this can have and experience several problems. This includes double vision, blindness in one eye, trouble with sensation, trouble with coordination, muscle weakness and crippling fatigue.

Foot reflexology-based massage provides relief from the crippling fatigue, alleviating motor, sensory and urinary symptoms in MS patients.

It can help with reducing the effects of edema in pregnant women
Edema, otherwise known as the swelling of the feet and ankles due to an accumulation of fluid. This can lead to severe pain and is common among pregnant women, usually during the last trimester.

You can get relief from this condition by just a simple massage on your feet for about 10-20 minutes daily.

Foot Massage also can benefit pregnant women
Foot massages are really good and helpful for pregnant women in terms of labor time and the need for painkillers during labor as well as postpartum recovery time.

Studies have shown that reflexology-based foot massages help a woman’s body to heal faster and achieve normal metabolic activity sooner.

Get a good night’s sleep
Everyone loves getting a good night of sleep. A warm bath is a great way to achieve that. Try coupling it with a foot massage and we can ensure that you will sleep like a baby.

For the best results, try squeezing the top of the foot inward and search for a dimpled space. Massage this spot for 2 minutes.

Have a better s*x life
A foot massage is a great way to show love to your significant other. Who wouldn’t love a foot massage after a hard day’s work? It is not only relaxing but also a great way to begin foreplay.

Given the concentration of nerve endings in the sole of the foot, massaging this area can be a highly s*xual experience.

Kiss headaches goodbye
Getting a foot massage is an effective way to get rid of a headache. Whether a headache is sinus related, caused by tension in the neck and shoulders or it’s in your temple or the front or back of your head; massaging various spots on your foot can effectively relieve you of these pains.

Due to sinusitis: Firmly massage the front and back of the second joint down on each toe. A squeeze and release technique works best. Do it for both feet.

Due to shoulder and neck tension: Massage gently all over your feet. Then massage the area between your thumb and the forefinger in a circular motion. Also, massage the area immediately below the little toe.

At the temple: Squeeze and release the area inside your big toe several times. Massage the left foot if you have a headache on the left temple and the right foot if it is on the right side.

At the top, front or back: Massage the outside base of your big toe on both your feet and then the front and back of each toe using the squeeze and release technique.

Spinal pain relief through foot reflexology
The insides of both your feet can be mapped to the spine, with the first vertebra being right below the big toe. You can get rid of the pain in the spine by stimulating the corresponding point on your foot.

Apply deep pressure to the point and massage for about 30-45 seconds by rubbing in a circular motion.

Bonus: A guide to foot reflexology
Foot reflexology has existed since the time of the pharaoh. Although science has been unable to explain how it works, there are studies that prove its efficacy. Let’s look at some important foot reflexology points:

Lung point: It is located on the balls of your feet between your big toe and the little toe. Stimulating this point on both feet with the help of mild pressure will help improve circulation and clear any gunk from the lungs.

Heart point: This spot is located on your left foot, underneath your third and little toes, between the ball of your foot and where the arch starts. Stimulate this point using a soft circular motion to relieve yourself of stress which is the leading cause of heart attacks.

Stimulating this point improves blood circulation in the body and the heart’s efficiency. If you sometimes feel very cold, rubbing it will make you feel warmer as it increases the blood circulation.

Neck point: This point is located between the first and the second joint of each toe. Using the squeeze and release method, apply pressure here to relieve yourself of neck pain.

Now that you know the amazing benefits of a foot massage, it is time to get pampered with one. Share your thoughts about your experience in the comments below.