Stroke is a serious health condition with fatal consequences, and it can happen to anyone no matter of its age and gender. The reason for its occurrence is a brain failure in the blood vessels which are either clogged or blocked as a result of which the affected brain cells lack oxygen and nutrients causing instant death. This health incident can lead to paralysis, disability or even loss of ability to write and speak.

However, the body sends signals before the actual stroke takes place; therefore it is always best to have the knowledge of these ten warning signs of stroke:

  1. Facial paralysis

If you experience half paralysis of your face, then this is a clear sign that you are having a stroke.

  1. Speech disorders

This symptom is a powerful indication of a stroke. For instance, if the talk is inconsistent by giving wrong information about the current date, time, or weather, or switching to delirium and hallucinations on various topics, then for sure you are about to have a stroke.

  1. Sudden weakening of the limbs

Loss of tone in the legs or arms, then a sudden feeling of weakness, may be a strong indication of stroke which can lead to loss of consciousness or paralysis. You can perform a test by elevating your arms with the palms up, and if just one of your arms falls, then this suggests muscle weakness.

  1. Vertigo

Dr. David Newman, a physician and professor in the Department of Neurology at Hopkins University, maintains that sudden dizziness is a strong indication of a stroke in women under 45 years old, for that reason you need to make an appointment with your doctor to underline the real reason for the occurrence of vertigo.

  1. Blurred vision or losing vision

Symptoms like losing the sharpness of your eyesight, reduced vision in one eye or even in both eyes, and total loss of vision may be indications of having a stroke.

  1. Harsh headaches or migraines

Researchers do not consider migraines as clear indication of a silent cerebral infarction, but if you are dealing with intense severe headaches or migraines accompanied by an “aura” or otherwise known as ophthalmic migraines, then they might become an early warning sign of a stroke. Patients who have experienced stroke summarized them as a set of light effects in the form of light flashes, bright color lines or a split vision.

  1. Unilateral facial pain

It is not considered a common symptom, but if you experience sudden pain on one side of your face, then it might be a sign of a stroke.

  1. Shortness of breath and tremors

A sudden breath loss and having breathing difficulties are a clear sign that you are at risk of having a stroke, which means that you are experiencing cardiac arrhythmia due to lack of oxygen.

  1. Exhaustion

As per numerous conducted studies common signs of stroke particularly in women are exhaustion, confusion, disorientation and fatigue.

  1. Sudden hiccups

This sign also concerns mostly the female gender which may mean that there is an attack on the part of the brain in charge of breathing.

These warning signs can help you to prevent the occurrence of stroke, but in order to properly protect your body from this health incident you need to lead a healthy life which incorporates a balanced natural diet, regular workout and rest. By all means you need to quit smoking if you are a smoker, avoid the use of alcohol and fight overweight.